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Posted by Eyefaster on June 23, 2017

Pop Up Stores and the Future of Brick and Mortar

With the rise of online shopping, owners of brick and mortar retail stores have been left to wonder at the fate of their stores. It has not been reassuring that major corporations like Macy’s and Walmart have closed their doors on hundreds of stores due to lack of foot traffic. Despite this ominous trend, the…

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Posted by Eyefaster on March 14, 2017

Exploring Retail Innovation Around the Globe

As technology continues to disrupt, change, and influence the climate of consumer demands, brick-and-mortar retailers are having to innovate twice as fast in order to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for online services. Retailers around the world have found ways to keep up with the pace, incorporate new technologies, and overall innovate in fascinating…

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Posted by Eyefaster on January 23, 2017

Retail Innovation: Omni-Channel Concepts in 2017

We’ve discussed before how brick and click is the retail wave of the future; and the innovation of the physical store does not seem to be slowing in 2017. At Eye Faster, we’re all for innovation: especially learning to understand how it changes shopper behavior and how it will change and strengthen the relationship between…

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Posted by Eyefaster on August 22, 2016

Mobile Click and Collect: the Convenience of Online Shopping and the Immediacy of In-Store Pickup

More than ever what consumers are looking for are options. Not just product options, but also options on how they can shop. Thus, the biggest name in consumerism is omni-channel – the practice of offering multiple avenues for consumers to buy. This includes online shopping, mobile optimization for shopping, delivery options, in-store pickup, and more. One…

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Posted by Eyefaster on March 15, 2016

Appealing to Consumer Nostalgia: Bringing Back Beloved Brands

Starting a new brand is risky. You have to convince consumers to pay for something they’ve never tried or even heard of before. If you don’t get the marketing and packaging right, shoppers won’t buy it, and if you don’t get the product right, shoppers won’t buy it more than once. But what if you started…

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Posted by Eyefaster on March 2, 2016

Consumer Behavior: Helping Customers to Improve Posture In-Store Could Lead to Improved Sales

Good posture has been shown to affect more than just height: it increases mood, power, confidence, memory, and physical wellbeing. But could it also affect consumer behavior? Our research has shown that making customers feel good results in increased sales, so maybe if stores could subliminally encourage customers to straighten up, sales will go up,…

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Posted by Eyefaster on February 10, 2016

Experience vs. Memory: How The Different Selves May Impact Consumer Perception

In a TED Talk viewed over 3 million times, legendary behavioral economist Daniel Kahneman, who we’ve written about before, explores how happiness is perceived very differently by two selves that we all hold: our “experiencing self” and our “remembering self.” “There is an experiencing self, who lives in the present and knows the present, is…

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Posted by Eyefaster on October 5, 2015

What Makes Consumers Try New Products?

People can be creatures of habit. We find routines comforting, and we will often settle into a pattern of eating the same breakfast, watching the same shows, and buying the same products over and over. But, perhaps paradoxically, people are also always looking for novelty. Beyond novelty, what makes consumers try new products is driven…

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Posted by Eyefaster on August 11, 2015

The Growth of Omni-Channel Retail: Integrating In-Store, Mobile and Desktop Shopping Channels

We recently talked about the trend of “fast-laning,” which is when brick-and-mortar stores offer mobile ordering apps and online shopping with in-store pickup to help customers skip waiting in line. While this is indeed a big move in modern retail, truly innovative companies are taking it one step further: “omni-channel” retail. Instead of thinking of…

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Posted by Eyefaster on July 22, 2015

Fast-Laning: The Shopping Experience that Consumers Are Growing to Love and Starting to Demand

One of the major advantages that online retailers have had over brick-and-mortar retailers is that shoppers don’t have to wait in line. Sure, they have to wait a while to get their packages, but they can move on with life in the meantime. Waiting in line is one of the most frustrating parts of the…

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