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Eye Faster is a full service provider of mobile eye tracking customer research. We offer everything from consultation on in-store methodology to video coding, analysis and reporting, and everything in between.


The diagram to the above shows the services we offer as part of your in-store research program. Each piece is offered as a separate service or the entire program can be designed by us for a complete study from design to final recommendations and reporting.

Whether you’re a market research provider or a brand or retailer, we offer solutions to your in-store needs.

Expand Your Client Offering With Eye Tracking

Mobile eye tracking is one of the most cutting-edge and innovative ways to better understand how customers interact with retail locations and the products on the shelf.

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Discover What Really Drives Customer Behavior

Whether you work for a retailer or manufacturer, we understand how important it is for you to understand what shoppers are doing and how they are behaving in the store as it relates to your brand.

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Our Solutions

Eye Faster’s team of experts provides some of the most innovative and eye opening solutions to your in-store research needs. Perfecting our mobile eye tracking methodologies for over ten years, the Eye Faster team is some of the most experienced researchers in the world when it comes to in-store research.

Our solutions look at each element of the store, from package design and in-store communications to shopper navigation of the store and store layout, plus everything in between. We are experts in the following methodologies:


A product’s package can be the reason it’s noticed on a shelf. If you’re a brand looking to reinvent yourself, look to your package design to do so.

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Shelf Tests

How a product is placed on a shelf can be a determining factor in how quickly and easily it is found by your customers.

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Signage Tests

Customers and retailers use signs in a very similar way, to assist with finding products and identify sales.

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Shopper Navigation

How well do you know your customers? Using mobile eye tracking with real shoppers in stores, Eye Faster provides information about what is drawing shoppers attention during their shopping experience as well as information about how shoppers shop a category, aisle, department or even entire store.

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Store Layout

Because customers make most purchase decisions in-store, store layout can have a big affect on the flow of their shopping experience and what ends up being considered and ultimately purchased by shoppers.

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Video Analysis

There is an immense amount of data that can be uncovered by analyzing video recordings of shopper behavior.

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Webcam Eye Tracking

If you’re looking to understand how a concept package design, advertisement or communication is received by real consumers, webcam eye tracking is a quick and effective to way to understand what about your design is drawing attention.

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Facial Coding

Eye Faster is pleased to offer facial coding as a solution to better understand consumer emotional reaction to various stimuli.

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