More than ever what consumers are looking for are options. Not just product options, but also options on how they can shop. Thus, the biggest name in consumerism is omni-channel – the practice of offering multiple avenues for consumers to buy.

This includes online shopping, mobile optimization for shopping, delivery options, in-store pickup, and more. One of the most notable omni-channel options can be found at the intersection of online shopping and in-store pickup. This is known as click and collect.

Already, 19% of US customers are utilizing click and collect services. Consumers are chomping at the bit for this omni-channel option that allows them to take advantage of the convenience of online shopping and the immediacy of in-store pickup. And retailers are falling behind customer demand. UPS found that 44% of shoppers would be more likely to purchase from a retailer if they offered click and collect services.

Mobile Click and Collect

With mobile commerce accounting for about one third of all e-commerce sales, it should be no surprise that mobile shoppers are also getting in line to take advantage of click and collect. The IMRG CollectPlus UK Click & Collect Review found that “mobile shoppers are primary click and collect shoppers so the propensity to shop online using a mobile device is a clear future indicator towards the use of click and collect.”

There are as many ways for retailers to utilize and streamline click and collect services as there are omni channels. For example, Sam’s Club sends notifications when an order is ready for pickup. Nordstrom has been testing a service that allows customers to call or text their Nordstrom associate when they’re on their way to pick up. The associate can then grab the purchased item and meet the customer outside so they never even have to enter the store or wait for an associate to dig through a pile of click and collect items. In a world where people’s calendars are filled with meetings, their kids’ soccer practice, and Soul Cycle, keeping a customer waiting can mean losing them.

Customers are expecting more options and more convenience from retailers every year. Getting in on the click and collect market is a great way for retailers to please their customers and increase their sales.

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