Our Experience

Eye Faster is the global leader in shopper eye tracking research. Since 2008, our team has worked with many of the top brands and retailers from around the world to provide unique shopper insights as seen through the customers’ eyes. Eye Faster uses advanced mobile eye tracking equipment to capture exactly what draws shopper attention in the real world. Our research methodologies focus on shopper behavior in an existing or mock retail environment so as to draw conclusions that are based on true consumer behavior.

We provide a complete shopper research solution, starting with the fielding of eye tracking shopper interviews in stores, then analyzing the dozens, hundreds or even thousands of hours of eye tracking video for each project. Our video coding process is designed to capture both eye tracking results as well as consumer behavior viewable through the video recordings. In analyzing the shopper videos, we are able to aggregate the behavior we see to discover similarities in the sample overall.The analysis incorporates attention data, behavioral data, as well as any other data sources that may be available (survey data, one-on-one interviews, receipt data, neuroscience data, and more).

Using these insights gathered from in-store ethnography, we partner with our clients on developing their retail strategy including planograms, shelf layout, in-store traffic flow, and signage. We provide heat maps based on what is drawing the attention of the customer as they shop.

Our Mission

Eye Faster’s mission is to help our clients understand how their customers really behave. We aim to collect and analyze the highest quality mobile eye tracking data available. Our field technicians are some of the most experienced mobile eye tracking technicians in the world having conducted over 15,000 field interviews in more than 15 countries. Our depth of knowledge and experience related to eye tracking research enables our dedicated team to provide insights unmatched by other providers.

The Leadership

Kirk Hendrickson
Scott McEachen
Mitch Cartwright

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