Customers and retailers use signs in a very similar way, to assist with finding products and identify sales. Manufacturers use signs for those reasons as well, but also as a marketing element to represent their brand


Our research can help you understand how in-store communications affect shopper behavior. We can identify ways in which placement of signage or other communication may impact its effectiveness.

Signage design and placement are key components of their usefulness to shoppers. We can help you figure out what is drawing shoppers to look at different types of in-store communications

Our signage test solution gets at the subconscious nature of shopping as consumers rarely remember seeing specific signage. Our data shows that in spite of that, customers are looking at signage in a very specific way, they’re just not necessarily processing it.

At Eye Faster, we know which is good signage and which is bad signage. Using our analysis of mobile eye tracking video allows us to see which signs consumers are viewing and which fail to draw their attention.

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