How well do you know your customers? Using mobile eye tracking with real shoppers in stores, Eye Faster provides information about what is drawing shoppers attention during their shopping experience as well as information about how shoppers shop a category, aisle, department or even entire store.


We analyze stores from the shopper’s perspective – how they navigate a store, what signage or other in-store communications guide them in their experience, and what is catching their eye as they shop. Through the use of the video, we are not only able to see what is drawing a shopper’s attention, but how they are directing their attention to locate the aisle or location of the products they are looking for and then, how they direct their attention to locate the specific packages or products they are looking for.

Through this research, we discover new insights into common paths shoppers use to traverse the store, common indicators that shoppers notice to decide which way to go and what aisles or sections to visit, and finally what draws their attention on the shelf to result in the final purchase that concludes their navigation to that product.

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