Mobile eye tracking is one of the most cutting-edge and innovative ways to better understand how customers interact with retail locations and the products on the shelf. Using an eye tracking methodology is a great way to offer a personal perspective that helps clients better understand their customers and how they interact with brands and stores.

At Eye Faster, while we do work directly with stores and manufacturers, we find that offering our capabilities as part of a larger more robust research program allows for a strategic partnership with market research providers and, in turn, a more powerful solution for clients. Our experience has given us unique insight into the shopper’s mind and we would be happy to consult with your company on any in-store methodologies.

We have spent over 10 years perfecting our approach to in-store research. Using some of the most accurate eye tracking equipment, we record the shopper’s perspective as they shop. Using our proprietary analytic software, we analyze the videos to look for similarities in the way shoppers behave while in store. As part of our reporting, we provide customized analytics and heat maps of the store, aisle, and shelves.

Our findings fit seamlessly into your program reporting and, like any full-service provider, we are happy to workshop with you on creating a cohesive report: identifying key areas for improvement and making sure to point out any unique findings that may improve shopper experience and brand or store performance.

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