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Posted by Eyefaster on May 7, 2015

Seeing Beyond Demographics: Why Traditional Divisions of Consumer Groups Don’t Work Anymore

One of the reasons that eye tracking is such an effective way to study consumer behavior is that it doesn’t rest on assumptions. In our research, we watch real people in real shopping situations to gain real insights into buying behavior. Traditional marketing efforts are less directly evidence-based, and focus instead on demographics—age, income, location,…

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Posted by Eyefaster on April 3, 2015

The Buying Process: Subconscious Triggers to Conscious Action

Most people like to think that they make logical buying decisions based on price, trust in a brand, recommendations from a friend, etc. These can all be factors, of course, but consumer research shows that shoppers’ decisions start from a much deeper place—the subconscious level. Most information actually never reaches the conscious mind. Estimates vary,…

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Posted by Eyefaster on April 3, 2015

Standing Out from the Crowd: The Beverage Aisle and the Importance of Package Design

If you’ve wandered down the beverage aisle of a grocery store lately, you’ve probably noticed that there is now a stunning array of choices. This is due to a major shift in consumer preference. Sugary soda has gotten bad press for its contributions to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, and diet soda has been controversially…

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